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Steering towards safety: Every effort counts

Our founder's story

In the midst of a routine Friday afternoon, fate played its hand, turning the mundane into a catalyst for transformation.

Yet, as the tapestry of my existence was being painstakingly restored over eight months, I found myself chasing the dreams that once skirted my reality. Five years on, despite vivid memories of the pain, the incident stands as a masterstroke in the grand painting of my life, teaching the power of trust, hope, and positivity in revealing the unexpected beauty hidden in life’s corners.

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What we do

Safety awareness

Understanding the importance of traffic safety can be lifesaving. Through education and proactive initiatives, we are dedicated to spreading awareness about safe driving habits, the importance of seatbelts, and the dangers of impaired or distracted driving.  

Emotional and psychological support

Emotional wounds can sometimes run deeper than the physical ones. We offer support resources, from therapy to counseling, designed to help individuals navigate their emotional journeys as we have been there. Our focus is on healing, resilience, and the restoration of mental well-being. 

Legislative efforts

Essential mental health services like psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, group therapy, and more, hold the power to rewrite this narrative, offering emotional relief, fostering resilience, and imparting effective coping strategies.

Supporting neurological research

The human brain is a complex organ, and there’s still so much to learn, especially when it comes to memory loss following traumatic brain injuries. Our organization actively supports cutting-edge research in this field, with the hope that every new discovery brings us closer to understanding, preventing, and healing these conditions more effectively. 

Each dot matters for a family

Data from U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) & World Health Organization (WHO)

police-reported crashes
0 million
casualties annually
20 million
suffer from non-fatal injuries
0 million +
traumatic brain injuries ER visits
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