Steering Towards Safety

Steering Towards Safety: Every Effort Counts

Every step we take, every initiative we launch, hinges on the belief that even the smallest actions can bring about significant change. We invite you to join us on a journey we’ve named “Steering Towards Safety: Every Effort Counts.” Here we explore our vision to establish a safer, mentally healthier world by propelling initiatives in our four core areas.

Journey to Safer Roads

Think of John, a devoted father and husband, who sets off each morning with his family’s loving kisses. Like John, an estimated 287 million licensed drivers in the U.S navigate the roads every day, each with their own cherished families waiting for them at home. Yet, alarmingly, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports over 36,000 traffic-related fatalities annually. One momentary lapse can shatter more than one happy family portraits. Our traffic safety education initiatives aim to prevent such devastating occurrences. Our hope is to change mindsets and habits, one driver at a time, fostering an environment where road safety is prioritized. By nurturing this awareness, we strive to ensure that every John, every driver, returns safely to their loved ones at the end of the day. For every life we manage to protect, we help keep a family portrait intact, filled with joy, love, and hope for many more beautiful tomorrows.

The Fight for Mental Health Coverage

Mental health is not just a component of health; it is the very essence of our well-being. Despite this, it is deeply distressing to note that, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, nearly 56% of American adults suffering from mental illness do not receive the treatment they require. Many times, this is not due to a lack of desire for help or recovery, but because of the barriers in accessing necessary services – with lack of insurance coverage leading the list.

Consider the case of Susan. Susan, like millions of others, is a loving mother and wife, the heart and soul of her family. Her life took a drastic turn after a traffic accident, which not only left physical scars but also deep emotional wounds. The joy in her laughter faded, replaced with a daily struggle against depression and anxiety, unanticipated and often overlooked aftermaths of road accidents.

Our organization recognizes the enormity of this challenge and the silent suffering of countless individuals like Susan. We channel our resources and efforts into legislative advocacy to change this disheartening narrative. We lobby for more inclusive policies that mandate insurance coverage for essential mental health services, pushing at the doors of decision-makers, striving to shatter the barriers to accessible mental health care.

With each policy influenced, each barrier broken, we are not just moving political mountains; we are profoundly affecting lives. We are inching closer to a world where mental health care is not a privilege, but a right – a world where families can heal together from their emotional wounds and regain their lost happiness.

Your Impact

These stories represent countless lives touched by our mission. At the heart of it all is our belief in the safety and mental well-being of each individual, and the integral part they play in their families. Your support—whether through advocacy, sharing our cause, or making a donation—can make a significant difference.

So, join us. Let’s steer towards safety, towards hope, and towards a brighter future, for every individual, every family. Every effort, no matter how small, counts.