Our founder's personal experience​​​

The Accident

On a typical Friday evening, life’s rhythm was as predictable as any other day. I was heading to pick up supplies for my parents’ small business and stopped at a traffic light in the quiet of the approaching night. It was a moment like many others, a brief pause in the daily routine.
 But in an instant, that tranquility was shattered. A cacophony of sound, a maelstrom of confusion, and then darkness enveloped everything. Awakening to the acrid smell of burning plastic, I felt confused and was confronted with a new reality: another vehicle had collided with mine, an abrupt intrusion into my life’s narrative. Both vehicles were totaled on the spot.
 Annually, the U.S. records over 6 million car accidents that are serious enough to warrant police intervention. Tragically, more than 40,000 lives are cut short each year, their journeys ending abruptly on the road, leaving behind empty seats at dinner tables. Each figure reflects a family torn apart. These statistics are more than mere numbers; they serve as a profound reminder of our shared vulnerability, a testament to the delicate thread of life that can be severed in an instant by a single, unforeseen event. It underscores the shared responsibility we all bear on the road, a communal pact to safeguard not only our lives but also those of our fellow travelers.

The Pain Begins

The aftermath was a surreal labyrinth of pain. Each bone in my body screamed, echoing the shockwaves of the collision. The simplest of tasks, like turning in bed, demands great amount of endurance and courage. Painkillers, became faithful companions, offered timed relief, periodically taming the physical agony. But there was a more insidious torment that no pill could quell: the erosion of my memory and identity built upon life experiences.

What Defines us and Our Identities?

Life, in its essence, is an ever-evolving gallery, curated by the silent hands of time. It is a vivid tableau of emotions, constantly in flux under the relentless brushstrokes of age. On this living canvas, we embody the spectrum of human emotions, encapsulating a rich panorama of existence.
 In radiant moments of joy, we paint with vibrant hues of happiness, crafting radiant memories against the backdrop of time. Yet, to counterbalance, we blend in the deeper tones of sorrow and sadness, shaping the profound depth and complexity of our shared journey.
 Throughout this diverse landscape of emotions, we embrace a multitude of roles, each a unique pattern, an individual thread in the rich tapestry of life. As the artisan of our destiny, our existence is not a monochrome sketch, but a vibrant palette of experiences, unfolding gracefully through the passage of time, enriching the unique masterpiece that we call life.

The emotional Experience

Post the incident, the courage to traverse the very junction where fate had played its cruel hand eluded me. The mere contemplation of it stirs within me a tempest of unease and kindles the embers of discomfort. With my memory stood fragmented, akin to a treasured piece of art with missing pieces. Faces that were once pillars of my memory—my grandparents, my uncles—had been wiped from the canvas of my mind. Some felt like abstract forms, their existence resigned to oral narratives recited by others. Companions transformed into anonymous silhouettes, our shared experiences and jovial moments engulfed by a vast, impenetrable abyss. An array of contacts in my digital directory had become cryptic symbols, causing tremors of alienation.
The torment wasn’t in knowing what was lost, but rather in grappling with the elusive waltz of forgotten memories. A creeping disquiet surfaced, an affliction too complex for any digital solution or algorithmic aid: the splintering of my memory. Why some memories clung to the mental easel while others faded into oblivion remained a mystery, a riddle even for the best neurologists. My existence had turned into an empty amphora, bereft of the personal history that once gave it shape and meaning.

From Twilight to Dawn: Resilience and Renewal

The canvas of my recovery was painstakingly painted over the course of eight long months. A myriad of healing methods lent their touch to gradually soothe the harsh physical pain etched into my being. Yet the emotional landscape remained a turbulent storm, a complex whirl of confusion, loss, and depression that endured for nearly double the time. I found myself adrift on a sea of uncertainty, unable to grasp the cruel hand fate had dealt me.
But just as the most dramatic sunsets yield to the calm of twilight, the pain, too, began to wane. With the passing of time, the sharp sting of my wounds dulled into a faint ache, their presence a mere undertone on the tapestry of my existence. I reoriented my perspective, redefined my path, reshaping my life and my goals. I chose to chase the dreams that had once lingered on the periphery, dreams I’d felt were out of my grasp due to lack of time and resources. Reflecting upon my journey, I feel lucky and am with a sense of gratitude for navigating the tempest and finding my shore. I am acutely aware that many other souls are still caught in the whirlwind of hardship, yearning for help to illuminate their path out of torment.
Pursuing this new course, I managed to get into my dream institution – an Ivy League to further my development. I was aware of the hurdles that lay ahead. My fractured memory and the increased age difference between me and my peers were clear disadvantages. However, I was prepared to work double, or triple if need be.
Unbeknownst to me, within the hallowed halls of this institution, a new chapter was awaiting me. The most beautiful neurologist entered my life, enriching the canvas with hues of love and companionship. Five years after the accident, we were united in matrimony and blessed with our first child.

Heartfelt Thanks

I owe a deep gratitude to God for granting me survival in the accident and allowing me to return to the embrace of my family after the accident. My heart is full of thanks for my mother, whose constant, serene presence became my beacon of strength throughout my recovery. It wasn’t the painkillers or the myriad treatments that fortified me; it was her unwavering support and love. I am profoundly thankful to my family, who gifted me with the most precious commodities of all: time, patience, and an abundance of love. Their unyielding support has been my anchor in the tumultuous sea of recovery. To my friends, your calls, messages, and visits have been the light guiding me back to myself, reaffirming the unbreakable strength of our bonds. Together, we will craft new memories, stronger and more precious, built on the foundation of hardships we’ve collectively endured.
My gratitude extends to K for the boundless generosity and the invaluable time invested in me, which has been a cornerstone of my healing journey. I also want to express my appreciation to Officer Lewis and the Westminster Police for their diligence and the accident report, which aided my path to closure. A special note of thanks to my attorney, Joe Higuera, who not only fought for me vigorously but saw the pain hidden within me and became a friend and a source of peace during my darkest hours.
Lastly, my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Katie and Dr. Kelly, whose expertise and care have been instrumental in my recovery. Your guidance has been a light in my journey back to wellness.
To all who have shown me kindness through my recovery, your generosity has touched my heart deeply. To those friends who felt distanced during my struggles with memory loss, I am sincerely sorry for any pain or misunderstanding caused. Your friendship remains invaluable to me, and I hope we can bridge the gaps that time and circumstances have created.

Embracing Resilience: From Adversity to Advocacy

Though the shadows of the accident still linger, the pain remembered vividly, I have come to see it as a masterstroke in the grand painting of my life. It has taught me that sometimes, certain events unfold for reasons beyond our immediate understanding. They may appear as trials, but we must trust in the intricate design of life and maintain our faith. Remain positive, and the portrait of life might reveal a hidden beauty in the most unexpected corners. With a kernel of hope and any assistance we can gather, we hope that one might find the potential to weave a life that mirrors the true worth they hold within, bringing their existence closer to the abundance they rightly deserve.
In the wake of navigating through the storm of confusion, fear, frustration, sadness, anger, and a profound sense of identity loss, I am now propelled by a desire to advocate for and support accident survivors and individuals grappling with memory loss. This commitment stems from the understanding that recovery is not merely about physical healing but embarking on a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. It’s about re- learning, adapting, and uncovering value and purpose within a new reality—a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.
Moreover, our mission extends to promoting safety and awareness on the roads. The belief that saving even a single life translates to a family’s lifetime of joy underscores the profound impact of traffic safety. It’s a collective responsibility we owe to ourselves, our families, and society at large. By championing this cause, we not only honor those we’ve lost but also protect future generations, ensuring their stories continue in a world marked by mindfulness and care on every journey.